China Blue – Amazing Documentary of Chinese Blue Jeans Factory

Friday March 14-San Francisco

See China Blue – Amazing Documentary of a Chinese Blue Jeans Factory


Support the April US Speaking Tour of the

Hong Kong Dockers

Micha Peled’s  China Blue (2005) is a heartbreaking, truly unforgettable cinéma-vérité stay with two teenage girls employed in a Chinese blue-jean factory  where seventeen-hour days are normal, toiling seven days a week is normal, being fined several days’ salary for leaving the factory dormitory and visiting the

Clothespins on eyes to stay awake

To avoid getting fined for falling asleep on the job, Jasmine (17) and Liping (14) use clothespins to keep their eyes open – a common practice in China’s export factories. Photo by Chun Ya Chai

town is normal, and not getting paid at all is normal.  Peled, an Israeli who lives in San Francisco, spent several months with the two girls, even filming the day that the factory workers threatened to strike (illegal in China) after no one had been paid a cent in months. Walmart got its jeans.  The workers got their tiny salaries.

All donations will be used for the April US Speaking  Tour of Loy Wong and Stephan Chan, two  leaders of the Hong Kong Dockers 2013 strike against starvation wages and  brutal working conditions. The Dockers work 12 and 24 hour shifts in container cranes without meal breaks or access to a bathroom.

Friday March 14   –  7-9 PM

Redstone Bldg in San Francisco

2940-16 St (at South Van Ness)  Room 302

Sponsored b y  

 San Francisco Public School


Empire-Logistics Mapping Project


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