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Jan 31st Protests to Block ‘NAFTA on Steroids’

by Benjamin Gerritz – Reposted from Labor Notes

San Francisco March Against TPP
Friday – Jan 31 90 7th st. San Francisco

Workers across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico will unite in an Inter-Continental Day of Action Friday to stop a massive new trade agreement, the Trans-Pacific Partnership—commonly referred to as “NAFTA on steroids.” In the U.S., the immediate fight is to block a bill that would grant the president “fast track” authority to sign off on the TPP. Defeating fast track would likely stop the TPP. Fast track is designed to swiftly pass trade deals, circumventing the standard Congressional Continue reading

Striker and Cop



Wednesday, Nov 20 4:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. 

Bancroft Avenue at Telegraph Avenue & University Avenue at Oxford Street

UC Continues Intimidation and Threats

by Liz Ortega 

Berkeley, CA The University of California’s largest union today gave UC Administrators notice that its members will participate in a one day Unfair Labor Practice Strike of UC Campuses and Medical Centers on November 20th. AFSCME 3299 Service and Patient Care workers will be joined on the picket lines by members of the California Nurses Association and UC Santa Cruz’ Skilled Crafts Unit (K7—also represented by AFSCME 3299)—each of whom have authorized a sympathy strike and given notice to UC.

The Strike stems from a coordinated campaign of illegal intimidation, coercion, and threats against UC Patient Care and Service Workers who participated in a two day walkout back in May over unsafe staffing levels at taxpayer supported UC hospitals—which posted record profits just this week. Continue reading

BART riders in Station

BART Strike Facts – 1% vs. the 99% – Again

by Armean Megroian

BART workers and their Unions are being forced into a strike which will begin on Thursday Oct. 11th.  This will cause congestion on roadways and bridges of Bay Area. But while you’re sitting in heavy traffic and stewing, don’t curse the so called overpaid, lazy Union workers. Acquaint yourself with a few facts first. Of course you know, that you will not get actual facts from the corporate media, only melodrama. Continue reading

BART Strikers

BART Workers Call for Labor-Community Rally – Tues Oct 8

Rally and March, Tuesday October 8

Frank Ogawa/Oscar Grant Plaza, 5pm

BART General Manager Grace Crunican sits on the Board of Directors of the Bay Area Council, a group of Bay Area CEOs and managers working to bring down wages and working conditions for all of us. Help strategize and organize to beat back the Wisconsin attacks in the Bay Area.

When BART workers went on strike July 1, the whole Bay Area was Continue reading