Opinion: Boeing Deal

Boeing Deal

A Defeat for Us All

by Andy Piascik
Re-blogged fro Counterpunch

In a move that strikes yet another blow to democracy and the living
standards of working Americans, Boeing forced major givebacks on its
30,000 union employees in the state of Washington while simultaneously
pulling off what may be the biggest welfare rip-off in the nation’s
history. Confronted with company threats to move production of a huge
new project out of state, workers reluctantly voted by an extremely
narrow margin to give up defined pensions in exchange for risky 401(k)
retirement plans. Thus Boeing, which earned $3.9 billion in profits Continue reading

BART riders in Station

BART Strike Facts – 1% vs. the 99% – Again

by Armean Megroian

BART workers and their Unions are being forced into a strike which will begin on Thursday Oct. 11th.  This will cause congestion on roadways and bridges of Bay Area. But while you’re sitting in heavy traffic and stewing, don’t curse the so called overpaid, lazy Union workers. Acquaint yourself with a few facts first. Of course you know, that you will not get actual facts from the corporate media, only melodrama. Continue reading

BART Strikers

BART Workers Call for Labor-Community Rally – Tues Oct 8

Rally and March, Tuesday October 8

Frank Ogawa/Oscar Grant Plaza, 5pm

BART General Manager Grace Crunican sits on the Board of Directors of the Bay Area Council, a group of Bay Area CEOs and managers working to bring down wages and working conditions for all of us. Help strategize and organize to beat back the Wisconsin attacks in the Bay Area.

When BART workers went on strike July 1, the whole Bay Area was Continue reading

flying squad

Opinion: Strike Threat Wins Oregon Public Workers Zero-Concessions Contract

by Shamus Cooke

re-posted from LaborNotes

After years of painful backsliding, the state workers of Oregon’s largest union, Service Employees 503, scored a big win this summer in contract negotiations against Democratic Governor John Kitzhaber.

The governor had demanded many concessions that attacked health care, wages, and work conditions, but backed down when the union proved organized and ready to wage a statewide strike.

A strike would have shut down many Continue reading

Transport Workers Against Austerity

Report & Video Links: KPFA Forum on Public Transit & the Workers Who Make It Run – Aug 31st

by Armineh Megroian

The  August 31st  KPFA Town Hall Meeting on Public Transit included the voices of transit workers, riders and researchers talking about what is  happening  to our transit systems and how   to defend the systems, the transit workers, our communities, and the public.

Panelists at hand for the discussions were:

Chris Finn, Recording Secretary ATU 1555

David Lyons, Recording Secretary ATU 192

Yuri Hollie, Executive Board ATU Continue reading

General Strike??

Opinion: Why We Should Call for a General Strike

by Charles Smith  of United Public Workers for Action

The AFL/CIO is at the pinnacle of the Labor hierarchy. Its leadership is paid very well to represent us. The AFL/CIO is powerful with lots of resources. While its leadership hobnobs at Washington parties and makes pep rally speeches, our members are being attacked by Democrats, Republicans, the media, and rightwing voters. Our Public Worker Unions are accused Continue reading